About Us


Kotar company started with data recovery six years ago, because we practiced it anyway. We had many cases of data loss, when we were working on broken computers and hardware.

In order to offer our clients the best solutions, we made some connections to the leading data recovery institutes and laboratories around the world.

We invested in education and researches. We created a laboratory for data recovery and equipped it with the best cutting-edge devices, instruments and software. We have also educated a group of experts, which can solve the most pretentious challenges.


We have acquired some unique technique, which we use for data recovery from drives, that were previously thought as irretrievable. With our advanced instruments and expert knowledge, we can offer our clients innovative solutions in data recovery.

We are specialized for data recovery from drives over which the competition has already given up, and RAID arrays, which are a special challenge for us.
Our experts manage to recover data from hard drives, which most of other companies around the world can’t recover, also thanks to our tools and technologies, which we develop and complete ourselves. Recently, we invest in development of our own technologies of data recovery, education and breaking the records in data recovery.


The development of computer science and information technology offers base for development of intellectually demanding technology, which create high added value and drive sustainable economic development. Computer science is one of the fastest growing branches of economy. It reaches every aspect of our lives, and even one small crack on a hard drive can disable highly developed devices and IT systems.

Data recovery services develop along with rapid development in hard drive and other storage devices industry, and compensate new needs in data recovery. The circle of our clients is getting wider and wider, and it includes both individuals and large companies. Data is becoming more and more valuable good.

Our mission is to develop new technologies and provide the best chances to recover valuable data of our clients in our laboratories.

With technological innovations and trained specialists we take care of sustainable development of the company.

Our vision goes even further, beyond our borders. We successfully collaborate with some partners from neighboring countries. In the future, we want to become the Center of data recovery for Slovenia and neighboring countries. We have an equipment, we have knowledge, we have dreams – we have a vision.


We have successfully solved over 5000 cases. The number of cases is increasing every year. We have also worked for (only groups are listed, due to personal data protection):

1. Institutes
2. Universities
3. Schools
4. Major companies
5. Entrepreneurs
6. Thousands of individuals


1000 Ljubljana
Ziherlova ulica 6

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Mobile phone: +386-31-692-555
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