Data Recovery

We will all experience data loss, sooner or later. Hard drives, used for data storage, are in the last years more and more sensitive for malfunctions and damages. It is not manufacturers’ fault, because the technology of production of hard drives is every year better. In lots of cases are we the main reason for damage of our hard drive and loss of our data. Our hard drive can’t stand continuous loading and transferring such large quantities of files as we want.

When we experience data loss it is important to stay calm. Many people first think about the worst possibility – that their data is lost forever. And thus the first reaction is panic. But in most cases, data is not lost forever, because lost files can almost always be recovered, only the process is a little bit more complicated and it takes more time. The worst thing to do in such case is to try to recover data yourself. If you try to restore your files yourself, it can quickly occur that you make further and even bigger data loss. And even worse action to do is that you try to fix yourself not only data, but also hardware and interior of the hard drive. With that kind of interventions, learned on internet or suggested by friends, you can damage your hard drive even more and unwittingly erase even more data.

So what to do in case of data loss? As it was already said, it is important to react completely calmly. We have to stop using damaged hard drive, because any further use can result in additional damages and more lost data. Our next step is to pass our damaged hard drive to an expert, which knows how to restore data and for which we know, that he will restore our data easily. It is really important, that the restoration is done by a professional data restorer, because inexperienced person can do more harm than good.

Data restoration by an expert will probably take a couple of days. The time depends on the state of our damaged drive. It is logical, that it will take an expert much more time to recover data from very damaged drive, which was spilled with juice or soaked from the rain, than from less damaged hard drive. The time also depends on whether we created a backup before or not. Backup can speed up data restoration and saves an expert a lot of work, and also the final price of the data restoration is lower in case we have an appropriate backup.

Just like other things, we start to appreciate our files only then when we lost them and find out, that they are not eternal. But luckily, there are professional and experienced data restorers, which take care of our lost data and restore them to the original form.