How can I contact you?
You can reach us by telephone number +386 31 692 555 at any time. We are also available by e-mail adress [email protected]

How successful are you at restoring data from damaged drive?
Thanks to years of experience in restoring data from damaged drives, we have 95 percent success, which is comparable with the best such services abroad.

A drive needs to be delivered to you – can I send it by mail?
Of course, only protect it good – padded envelope is not enough!

Is there any safer option to deliver a damaged drive?
Yes, you can send it by delivery service, which has the instructions, how to handle the drives. Call them on +386 51 444 555 and place your order with a password »Damaged disk«.

How long does it take you to check the drive?
Drive check is usually performed on the same day, only in exceptional cases the next day after delivery.

What is the price for checking the drive?
The price for checking the drive is 20€. You pay it only if the data can be restored, but you decide not to restore it.

When do I have to pay 20€, which are then deducted from the price of restoration?
Do not send money with the drive. In case you decide not to restore your data, although it can be restored, we will return your drive by mail with ransom of 20€.

You set the price after checking the drive. How long does the whole process take?
Restoration time depends on which parts do we need for restoration – most of them are in stock, but sometimes we have to order some of them additionally, which may take up to 10 days. Restoration itself depends on complexity and quantity of procedures we have to perform in order to restore the data. After all, the restoration time depends also on the amount of work we have. Currently, the average is between 7 and 10 days.

Then you tell what can be done. Do you send me the structure of the files or folders to choose, which I want to restore?
Our goal is to get the whole image of the drive, which is in 90 percent also the cheapest option. We occasionally restore data from seriously damaged drives too, but this option is usually more expensive.

Where do you save restored data? Do you need a hard drive or can you burn it on a DVD?
We burn your data on the DVDs, if the capacity is smaller than 20GB. In case it is bigger we lend you an external hard drive, from which you can transfer your data anywhere you want, free of charge.

Can you also restore data from formatted drive?
Of course, the less you use a drive after formatting, the more successful the restoration is.

After formatting my drive, I installed new operation system on it; can the data still be restored?
In most cases it is possible to restore the data, but we have to check the drive first!